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car trailer related info

PostPosted: October 25th, 2012, 11:17 am
by grumpyvette
If you shop carefully and don,t jump on the first deal you see you are likely to find you can get a decent used car trailer at a decent price. shop carefully , youll want to purchase a quality trailer with good tires and the weight capacity to easily handle any car you might want to tow,that obviously means it must have two axles (FOUR TIRES) and room for a full size car and youll just as obviously need some truck to tow it with, as your not going to safely tow most trailers with a car on them with most cars Ive purchased and sold a couple over the years my current ones well used but looks like this one, and cost me $1200
Ive purchased several over the years, and while the quality varied, they were all purchased for about 50%-60% of what a similar new trailer would cost, and Ive always been able to sell them for MORE than they cost me, later making their purchase and use virtually free, something thats rare in the car hobby.
yes I needed to replace bearings tires and get a current license, but those costs were fairly reasonable, considering the cost if I rented the trailer which is usually $78-$100 a day locally, which tends to add up over time, because you not only need to pay for the trailer you need to pay for the gas to go get and return a rental.

I can,t imagine being serious in this hobby and not owning or at least having access too a decent car transport trailer as your always going to need to move non running cars or transport project cars or major components.
be aware that theres always guys getting divorced, or having to take out of state jobs etc. and you can frequently find a basic USED car transport trailer for $600-$1500.
but be aware youll also need a decent tow vehicle , I bought a trailer and a decent DUAL REAR WHEEL truck, then swapped the truck for a chevy avalanche , but recently gave that to my younger son. so now I need to track him down for access when I need to tow the trailer.
know that owning a decent trailer has easily paid for itself in not needed towing fees many times over, in several years and its frequently used to rescue both my friends cars that break down, and to go get parts and project cars.
I was recently reminded of how valuable a car transport trailer was when a friend told me he paid $480 to get his car towed 1/2 way across the state to his home when he had his transmission fail on a recent trip. thats $480 MORE added to the cost, of a repair, before he even got into the transmission repair costs...It doesn,t take too many incidents like that to more than pay for a used car trailer

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