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Re: tool list,(far from complete) but it will get you started

PostPosted: December 18th, 2008, 11:27 am
by grumpyvette
having & building that shop was a planned project I saved for and planned for, for over 35 years as my main retirement goal.
if youve got the persistance you find the way to reach your goals eventually.

Re: tool list,(far from complete) but it will get you started

PostPosted: January 4th, 2009, 12:53 pm
by grumpyvette
BTW on tool chests, rust can be a problem in some areas,my chests are twin CRAFTSMAN PRO MODELS, and the paints been totally un-effected,
IVE sprayed my basic hand tools(sockets, wrenchs extensions etc) down LIGHTLY every few weeks with WD40 for YEARS with no problems, but IVE got no IDEA about your draw liners might be made of so testing them by cutting a small bit and letting it soak in WD40 for a few days seems like a smart idea vs just spraying the hell out of your drawers and liners, vs mine, mine are thick plastic sheets and seem totally un-effected, BTW the WD40 tends to evaporate over time. ,

Re: tool list,(far from complete) but it will get you started

PostPosted: July 5th, 2009, 1:27 pm
by grumpyvette
I got asked? whats the best single mod for my car?

that questions usually asked by the newer guys and guys with a limited budget to spend on the car, looking at the hobby long term, .....
WHATS THE best single mod to DO TO YOUR CAR?
unless you've got a huge bank balance some thought needs to go into your goals
now to me its rather obvious that you plan your build to get to a goal, if its stopping faster you need better tires, bigger brakes and a better suspension, etc. but those mods will hardly be the best choice if the goal is keeping the engine from overheating in traffic for example.
FIRST ,you select a goal and do the necessary research, then you collect the necessary components to reach the goal.
and in many cases its not car parts you need as much as a decent place to work on the car and the tools to do that work.
Id say the first goal, is having some basic tools and a shop manual, and a decent place to work on the car, if you've ever been forced to work on your car in a dirt or sloping asphalt drive way without the correct tools Id think you'll agree that having basic tools and a decent flat section of concrete floor with a roof over it, even if its a simple car port beats the hell out of lying in the dirt, fighting fire ants and having the engine,stand or your jack stands tip as they sink into the drive way surface or working in the rain..

as to tools, a LIFT, is nice but not mandatory, (4) 12 ton jack stands and two floor jacks worked for me for several years ,a decent WELDER, is almost mandatory and a decent drill press sure helps, GOOD STABLE CAR RAMPS, and a work bench with a vise sure won,t hurt!
and testing and tuning tools plus basic hand tools come up before all the cams, heads etc. in my list. if you don,t have tools like a timing light, vom meter, pressure test gauges, and a decent selection of hand tools and a decent place to work, and a secure location to store your tools then THAT should be your first goal in my opinion,that might not be what you wanted to hear but 60 plus years of experience make me think its the correct route to take

Re: tool list,(far from complete) but it will get you starte

PostPosted: October 29th, 2014, 6:33 pm
by philly
i found something else very useful in a shop that you dont have on your list.... although its definitely not a beginner tool... valve seat cutting tools like the neway cutter set: ... hevy-Ford/


and a brass hammer has really come in handy when i need to apply alot of force without messing up the thing im beating on... (this is particularly good for the cv drive axles on FWD or AWD transaxle vehicles) this is great for anyone who intend to swing a hammer beginner or expert ... 7AodBioADg

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