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shop drop lights

PostPosted: October 9th, 2008, 8:03 am
by grumpyvette
do your lights have a third lead, the ground? THEY SHOULD!!

and do you have all your garage electrical sockets on G.F.I circuits?
theres four BASIC DESIGNS in shop lights


your standard shop light bulb light, can burn or start fires at times and easily busted


less light but far cooler temps and harder to break


Ive used these for years



you can light your ciggaretes of theses suckers, NOT starting a fire with these, if you place them somplace stupid, is an accomplishment

Ive used those lights for almost 35 years and while Ive had them go BAD , short out or blow fuses and not work Ive never had one BURN??
G.F.I circuits will pop almost instantly when stupid malfunctions occure, which tends to minimize the fire threat, thats why I have EXCLUESIVELY 20 amp 110 volt G.F.I recepticals in the garage on the 110 volt access points