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Need Tools or Fastners.....Look Here

PostPosted: March 3rd, 2011, 9:50 pm
by Indycars

If you like good prices and have time to look, I would suggest that you check this site. I've bought fasteners at considerably less than the normal price at your local supply. Shipping is usually NOT a problem as long as it fits in one of those USPS boxes. I think it cost me about $12 to ship a box of fasteners that weighed about 50 lbs. You never know what you will find, it's always changing.

If you in the market for fasteners and you have Excel or Open Office (Free Here: ), then this makes it very easy to sort and find exactly what you want. Use the link below and click on the link circled in RED to download the spreadsheet.

I think Alex says it better than I can so here is his "About ME" text from his web page.[/color][/size]

AMSC is a one-man, part-time operation. I got started in this business when I got sick of running to the hardware store every time I needed a bolt, and of paying their exorbitant prices. One day I saw a large lot of fasteners for sale, so I bought it. I wound up with the comprehensive assortment I wanted for my own garage, plus way more. So much more that I had no room to store it—boxes completely took over my garage. Needing to get rid of it, I started selling it off… And here we are.

So, now I buy surplus industrial supplies (mostly fasteners) at business closings, auctions, anywhere I can get a good price for a large quantity (typically 2 tons or more). I inspect, weigh, and catalog everything, and sell it. Inventory changes constantly (see the homepage for current inventory), but the products are always top quality and priced lower than you can get them anywhere, unless you’re prepared to buy in very large quantities. All items are new and unused, unless clearly stated otherwise.

Home Page Here:

Re: Need Tools or Fastners.....Look Here

PostPosted: March 4th, 2011, 5:31 am
by grumpyvette
thats a fantastic find!
thanks for posting!

most guys have a spare bolt bucket, but you can rarely have all the fasteners you need and , in many cases trips to the local salvage yard or hardware store take a good deal of your time and spare cash, better spent on other parts of the hobby