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wiring a typical 220volt 30 amp air compressor

PostPosted: May 4th, 2011, 11:09 am
by grumpyvette
most guys will want a 30 amp two pole 220 volt rated switch controlling the outlet
Ive wired up several friends shops and got lifts and compressors, welders etc. to work, just fine, its not difficult, but be aware that most 110 volt outlets should be wired with 10 ga and many 230 volt can be also, but higher amp draws will require a heavier gauge conductor so research the items requirements

Re: wiring a typical 220volt 30 amp air compressor

PostPosted: November 20th, 2012, 1:46 pm
by grumpyvette
when you start looking into wiring a compressor or other small electrical project selective shopping can save you cash, Its very common to find fairly short sections of wire coiled up, on the rack, near the larger spools, and for sale at 1/2 price or less at home depot from the left over spools of wire.
if you know your unlikely to need more than a 20-to-30 foot piece on any one run, this can be a way to significantly reduce cost, or wiring in a new outlet for a new tool, thru selective shopping.
if you know the gauge and length you'll need, you might need too visit several home depot or lowes but if your not in a huge rush you can grab some on several trips and save a good deal, wires usually priced per foot, if you can get a 40 ft section that normally sells for 37 cents a foot or about $15 for $6-$7 which is very common, you'll save cash. obviously this is best done by visiting the electrical department and browsing on trips during the year and accumulating an inventory
you might be amazed at the times Ive purchased 20-50 foot long left over sections of 8ga or 10 ga stranded wire that I,M likely to use. for less than 1/3rd the listed cost per foot by simply ASKING FOR a DISCOUNT on short sections of wire I see coiled up as scrap,or left over wire.

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