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why are most guys so reluctant to wire up power tool...

PostPosted: August 20th, 2011, 6:07 pm
by grumpyvette
why are most guys so reluctant to wire up power tool outlets.
Jack called me up to tell me about a neighbor who was selling an older miller 180 amp 220 volt mig welder, during the conversation he mentioned the price "about 20 cents on the dollar" making it a screaming bargain, and the fact that, while he was very tempted to buy it and get me to teach him the basics of mig welding, he had no 220volt outlet in his garage to plug it into even if he bought it!
I told him to have the guy demonstrate it worked by welding two large bolts to some scrap angle iron, and if it worked at the price he quoted he would be a total fool to pass up that bargain. Id be over to help him wire up the outlet.....well he calls me back and says it works and he bought it!
so I drive over...well this was so simple it was mind boggling, his power panel was located in the garage, and where he wanted the outlet was only 8 feet further along the wall, I took him down to home depot and bought a the proper outlet, mount box, 1" conduit, 8 ga wire and other minor stuff and we had it up running in about 3 hours and at least 2 hours of that was spent getting wire, parts etc.
most welders come with instruction booklets or you can find them on-line that will tell you what gauge wire and amps the outlet and cord should be.
a dual 40 amp breaker 8/3 wire. is whats usually required but look it up, many only require a 30 amp /240 volt breaker & 10/3 wire
The instruction booklet that came with the mig will state the circuit needed to power it. Look at the cord on the mig to see the configuration of the prongs. Buy a receptical and mount cord if you need one to match it. If the receptical is a 30amp/ 240volt then you need a 2pole 30amp breaker, 10/2 romex, the romex will have 3 10 ga wires in it a black, a white, and a bare, or green,. The black,white will be the 2 hots or two 120 volt circuits that give you 240volt,s the bare or green wire will be the ground. On the receptical there should be a screw which is green thats were the bare goes. The other 2 screws are for the hots and it dosen't matter which screw gets what wire. They just need to be firmly secured.