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window motor replacement info

PostPosted: September 17th, 2008, 5:35 pm
by grumpyvette
BTW heres a similar bit of info from an older post,If your window won,t go up or down, your first job is to determine if its a blown fuze, a bad switch or the connections to the motor or the motor and regulator assembly thats defective, a vom meter and some basic testing will help as will owning a shop manual. ... placement/ (WEATHER SEAL ON DOOR REPLACEMENT)
watch the videos, read the links, yeah, the video says it takes a couple hours, thats only if you have zero mechanical skills, and no prior experience.
having done it several times on several c4 corvettes I can assure you reading this links carefully will help
buy the window motor regulator assembly as a unit, the motor alone is not easily replaced.
I bought just the motor the first time, hoping to save money, ..NEVER AGAIN, I eventually had to buy the whole regulator anyway,,theres no way its worth the extensive extra work, especially once you realize that by the time the motor goes, the regulator wheels, cables and tracks are 90% worn out in most cases
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BTW I think theres screws under the door handle and curtesy light cover that may be a bit hard to find and heres some info

viewtopic.php?f=62&t=987&p=2395&hilit=v.o.m.+meter#p2395 ... php?t=5711 ... -8514.html ... dowset.htm

replacing left 1996 window motor, need info ... pt_id=1661 ... pt_id=1673

well, I get into the 1996 vette this A.M. (its parked in my garage)and the left window is down, as is the right side, I hit the right side switch and the window goes up, I hit the left side rocker switch NADA!ZIP!, I start checking fuses and then test the switch with a V.O.M. meter and the switch seems to be good, so off to the local chevy dealers parts dept, I go, cost of new switch is $150, motors $148, so since IVE tested the switch, Im reasonably sure its the motor, I buy that ONLY,mostly because Im reasonably sure its original and about due anyway,and now IM about to install it and while Ive done it on my 1985 vette Ive yet to do it on my 1996 and was wondering if theres any tricks, potential things IVE OVER LOOKED or info you guys might care to let me in on BEFORE I jump into this little project today...ANYONE???


IF you find the window only goes part way up or down or seems to get locked up and canted or angles as it moves, thats common , either the window regulator or the window regulator tracks or the sliders in those tracks are worn or broken or bent. the only other common problem is the window is coming loose from its connection points, some times simply tightening the bolts securing the window to the regulator fixes the problem, but most times you need to replace and lubricate the regulator, especially the early version with the geared tape drive

BTW, the motor AND THE Brackets and ROLLERS in the window track assembly were worn past the point of use, I needed the complete assembly, cost from Chevy $350, (I can't see how they lose money charging those prices for $40 worth of parts you can't find elsewhere.) but it was really a better deal in that it was far easier to install as a complete unit vs. replacing the motor...and yes I'm well aware they are listed far cheaper else-ware!, but you pay thru the nose when you want the parts NOW, and are not willing to wait.

yeah, at times I pay retail. just to get the damn thing over with, if it could wait, I could have knocked 40% off the price.



this I see I failed to post the part number...ITS GM# 22063225 for the assembly with the motor and ID STRONGLY ADVISE you go that route vs the motor alone as its far less aggravation and well worth the difference in cost ... eplacement

Re: window motor replacement info

PostPosted: October 19th, 2008, 7:24 am
by grumpyvette
btw if youve got a c-5 vette?
I just went thru this with my 1996, I at first thought Id get by with just the window motor, but once I got it disassembled I found that the intire regulator was worn significantly AND assembled with RIVETS , and not easily repaired(I TRIED)so I broke down and paid the $350 the assembly cost at the dealer and it was the far easier route.

btw ... 1223005055 ... php?t=8216 ... itInst.pdf
(click above link) ... pt_id=1673

Re: window motor replacement info

PostPosted: November 14th, 2008, 2:57 pm
by grumpyvette

Re: window motor replacement info

PostPosted: February 6th, 2010, 10:27 am
by tightss
My dealer can not find a regulator assy anywhere in the Delco system. Unless this is an anomaly, better order in advance from Mid America. entire Assy is $279 from them.
Mine was a disaster....34000 mile care and it was all bound up.