Wagner Adjustable PCV Valve

Wagner Adjustable PCV Valve

Postby dfarr67 » March 3rd, 2020, 2:04 pm

I don't want to come accross as selling anything here- trying to knock a few dollars off this PCV by putting together a small group buy of six, I have three interested so far. You can do your own research to see if this product suits your needs- it's just a little pricey. Hoping that in conjunction with a good catch can it will help with oil control. http://mewagner.com/?page_id=1927

I contacted Wagner to try to jump into another group buy nothing going on right now- they seem to be very flexible to deal with- I have a few feelers out on other sites. Email Barbara and give her my email to get started on a head count.


Sorry, no group buys at the present time. You only need six so do some posting or ask around. We will let you know if any group buys take place in the near future.

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