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balance / damper question

PostPosted: June 23rd, 2014, 8:31 am
by grumpyvette
fosterdl wrote:A while back a buddy of mine bought a stroker kit for his 350. It came with a 6" external balancing harmonic balancer in the kit. This was factory new and in the SEALED box. While assembling we noticed that when we seated the balancer, it just barely rubbed on the front cover seal. We then replaced it with an 8" SB 400 external balancing unit again in the factory sealed box. This solved that problem. Then we had a guy tell us that we couldn't do that because stroker kits a special and need that 6" damper. I say that a 400 balancer is a 400 balancer and if that crank needed something different then the box would have been opened. Any thoughts?

I doubt your main issue will be damper size, both dampers maybe are externally balanced, but to what standard or gram weight/were the components designed for the same weight crank and connecting rods etc. the kit might have a 50 lb forged crank with 6" connecting rods and forged pistons , the factory damper balance was for a cast crank, 5.556 rods and cast pistons?

a 8' damper in theory should be more effective than a 6" damper, but generally a "KIT" is composed of "BALANCED, TOGETHER, MATCHED SET of COMPONENTS"
and as a "KIT" its most likely more accurate than assembling factory balanced components matched to an OEM production standard, the new dampers weight and balance may or may not fall close to the factory perameters