DRY SUMP BUILD + Distributor

DRY SUMP BUILD + Distributor

Postby phantomjock » January 26th, 2021, 11:06 am

Greetings -

Been quiet for a while (long while) but am getting back to building my 383 for road racing.

I've "seen the light" and am going to a Dry Sump system. So far I have been accumulating bits faster than knowledge, so have returned to "The Fount" of all SBC knowledge!

I have a 5 stage Dailey pump and am waiting on delivery of a low profile pan with 3 pickups. The 4th scavenge port I intend to put in the lifter valley. That is what brings me back. How to "simply" get the lifter valley scavenged, without drill and tapping as the engine is pretty much assembled and in the chassis.

I have a crank trigger set up so the Dizzy is out (but I do have a "Distributor Shaft" replacement). I understand that would be used to drive the oil pump in the pan. But, the internal pump is removed and a plate block installed.

So, now the questions I have:
1. Do I need to keep that shaft in place - or is it now redundant?
2. Does it serve a purpose other than driving the internal oil pump?
3. If it is removed does the shaft hole become another (MAJOR) drain to the pan?
4. Should I cap that hole in the block?

I've looked all over and can't find a good diagram of oil flow and the role of that shaft other than to drive the internal oil pump. Seems like it "might" also help feed camshaft and crank, but that doesn't seem clear to me.

If I don't need the dizzy shaft, I plan on using that opening in the manifold hole in the manifold as access for a scavenge port to the lifter valley.

Thoughts and insights please!

Thanks in advance, Jim
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