"hot soak" problem

"hot soak" problem

Postby raj4851 » September 2nd, 2017, 1:12 pm

Hi Grumpy, I have a sbc 355, flat tops, 64cc heads, a 245@.050, .525 lift Comp cam, tunnel ram & 2 1404 Edelbrocks. The throttle response is great. I leaned the mixture with fatter metering rods & my Autometer air/fuel gage says it's 14.8 @ 3000 rpm going down the road. My only problem is the "hot soak" thing. After sitting at temperature, it has a tendency to flood. I have "CoolCarb" insulators & 1/2" phenolic spacers. It still does it. It's not real bad, but I know I have fuel dripping. I've also raised the float level somewhat. I've considered the marine spring loaded needles but haven't done that yet. I've even been looking at 450 & 390 Holleys. One guy recommended shutting the fuel pump off a little before shutting the engine off to decrease the residual pressure. That seems extreme. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Rod

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