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Re: mechanics creepers

PostPosted: July 21st, 2014, 3:05 pm
by grumpyvette
btw if your going to use drive on ramps , or jack stands think things thru, don,t just start jacking up the car or truck,like many guys do to do simple maintenance like oil changes , be sure to think things thru, JacK was over to the shop today, (remember my shop garage doors face my pond) Image
well Jack pulled his truck into the shop, just far enough, so the back wheels were barely on the concrete floor and proceeded to jack up the truck with a floor jack to access one front wheel WITHOUT installing WHEEL CHOCKS on the rear wheels or setting the emergency brakes, the result was the truck started rolling toward the pond , and the floor jack rolled with it for a few feet, then came loose and if he had not , by luck ,had the drivers window down so he could reach into the rolling truck and spin the steering wheel the truck would now be at the bottom of the pond
keep in mind use of CAR RAMPs REQUIRE you to, both use ,the emergency brakes, and USE WHEEL CHALKS, ON BOTH WHEELS THAT ARE NOT ON THE RAMPS,, you certainly won,t be the first or last guy to have a car roll off ramps if you don,t use them
a simple oil change or brake shoe replacement could easily result in a trip to the emergency room or a very expensive repair to your car, if your not thinking thru the consequences of it falling off ramps or stands and rolling