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aluminum repair without the TIG welder

PostPosted: October 6th, 2008, 2:15 pm
by grumpyvette

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you don,t ALWAYS need a tig welder to repair aluminum ,and many parts you may assume are aluminum are actually ZINC ALLOY CASTINGS
if your t-stat /intake housing mounting, is corroded or youve got an aftermarket timing chain cover this aluma-weld can be use to repair it in most cases even if its a zinc casting or an aluminum cast part ... 44810.html

Description of Harbor Freight 44810

Now you can weld aluminum with any low temperature torch--even a propane torch! Amazing technology makes a stronger weld than the parent material without flux or other welding material. Alumiweld makes a stronger weld than the parent material.

Stronger than aluminum
Harder than mild steel
Low working temperature (730° F)
No flux or fumes
Excellent corrosion resistance
Minimize parent material distortion during welding