MSD 6AL-2 Programmable Box, info needed

Re: MSD 6AL-2 Programmable Box, info needed

Postby legerwn » August 29th, 2014, 8:53 pm

I was running a cheap ProComp coil so I decided to replace it with an MSD HVC-II coil (MSD 8253), I'm still going to replace the 6AL box with the Programmable box just got to order it and get it installed.

I've been tuning the Holley and I think I may have found my main issue, a lean cylinder I think. I was running a little to lean for this engine and ignition combo. It didn't really show up until I added the vacuum advance.

While pulling plugs I removed the #3 plug wire and pulled the plug end connector off. These are ceramic boot plug wires so ended up having to order a replacement wire. (If it can go wrong it will).

I've got it back on the road and it appears to be fine now,

still got to get the carb dialed in

Neal :)

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