problems in the hobbies way

problems in the hobbies way

Postby grumpyvette » October 31st, 2008, 6:01 pm

problems limiting results on the hobby


that problem is a serious lack of money we can afford to spend on car parts due to lifes little expences like food,rent,wives ETC.and wasting the money we do get.

theres four major areas/variations, I see guys screw up in frequently

(1) the DEAL, where guys buy parts that don,t match simply because they get a good price,(usually on used parts that failed to work on a buddies car)

(2)lack of planning
where guys buy parts seemingly at random as the money becomes available, that don,t match or ones that may look good but can,t work well togeather, usually as a result of magazine articles,half understood, where they failed to duplicate the WHOLE COMBO

(3)money burning a hole in your pocket!!
this is where youve saved $1100 toward the purchase of the $1900-$3000 heads you know you need and the "DEAL" appears, you figure that youll get the cheaper parts and get the cam,intake,ETC. and be better off...

(4) building the WRONG CAR,youve always wanted a 600 hp big block,in a 1965 GTO, or 1967 corvette,1969 camaro ETC. but your pouring money into building a 1980 caprice with a 355 simply because you have one and don,t think you could ever afford your dream goal

so I was wondering if anyones got any good ideas as to work from home jobs,hot stock market tips, and care to share them??
or the older guys can point out the ERROR of HASTE and not sticking to the PLAN vs RESEARCH AND BUILDING IT CORRECTLY
its more realistic to find a source of income to finance the hobby thru a second source/(job)
any suggestions gentelmen???????

remember you can either throw MUCH greater amounts of money at a build where alot is wasted,or learn to do it slowly and correctly too plan on a budget

Id point out that YOUR skill level depends a great deal on both YOUR determination to get the job done correctly and the group of guys you hang out withs SKILL LEVELS.
if you hang out with a bunch of guys that don,t have a clue or the tools skills and determination to succeed your at a HUGE disadvantage
WE can,t change the past,we ALL, learn some lessons the hard way,
its learning to not repeat mistakes and looking at other peoples mistakes and learning from those screw-ups that advances the hobby and helps you prevent FUTURE problems

heres the secret, if your not actively working toward your SPECIFIIC goal WITH a check list, and having done the research to make sure it will work once its done, your very unlikely to ever reach/attain your goal

it helps a great deal set a goal,to write up a check list,with ALL necessary parts, collect the parts ON that LIST and not get OFF COURSE.

lets assume youve always wanted
a 700 hp 572 bbc,

a 4l80E trans
a DANA 60 rear
four wheel disc brakes
and 4 weber carbs on that big block

stuck into a 1967 COBRA replica


first step,make damn sure you really want to reach the goal, RESEARCH everything you can on similar cars and drive trains
list IN DETAIL all the components and possiable sources
step two, budget what ever you can EVERY week into a fund, and sell off anything (speed parts, old cars,)you currently don,t need to REACH that goal.
get a check list, start making contacts amoung suppliers and club members that may help you reach the goal,DON,T BUY STUFF THAT IS NOT ON THE LIST OR SPEND CASH THATS NOT NECESSARY on other GOAL:S
the time to change
whats ON the list
or find what parts work correctly is BEFORE BUYING PARTS

"So what am I to work on/play with for the next 33 years while I save up the money, and where do I learn the skills? "

your hardly the first guy to point out that "problem" or be the first guy working on an extremely tight budget, or not having all the skills, but If you joint a couple local CORVETTE or HOTRODDERS clubs and spend a good deal of time helping guys in those clubs work on THIER cars WHILE making LOTS of friends and contacts, youll be very surprized at the amount of parts ON YOUR LIST that will pass bye your nose durring the next few months/years and the skills you can pick up or find someone that has, ESPECIALLY if your very helpful and let it be known exactly what your working towards
it goes back to making a specific list and sticking to it EXACTLY
you may not have the cash for much but if you visit enought salvage yards and talk with and help enought people ypoull quickly find a good deal of the parts youll need, its all the small stuff that adds up and takes time anyway, so get that detailed list of parts, do the research, and joint the local guys with similar goals.....sure It can take years, Ive spent 5 years just getting about 2/3rds of the parts for my bbc engine swap in my corvette, but at least I KNOW exactly what I need and have accumulated a good deal of it so far and you can also!!!
its HARDLY rare to find guys willing to swap you parts they don,t need for HELP on thier projects, Ive gotten several complete used bbc engines and a 4L80E trans and several rear end assemblys, corvette parts,ETC. that way over the may not have much use for lets say a 455 buick engine, or dodge 440, but if some guys willing to give it to you for rebuilding his engine or trans ETC. its almost sure to find a new home and be converted in money toward your project goals, and if your INTO the GROUP, and WILLING TO HELP OUT OTHERS, DEALS LIKE THAT WILL APPEAR....JUST don,t think you need to get PAID for all work, the object is BOTH gaining PARTS and GAINING SKILLS AND FRIENDLY CONTACTS in the hobby
making a good friend out of a guy with a few assets like a tig welder or a lift for the time it takes to do a few small projects like brake jobs is time well invested

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Re: problems in the hobbies way

Postby grumpyvette » November 8th, 2014, 3:45 pm

one problem I see all the time is a huge lack of funds to do damn near everything that needs to be done, but occasionally things work out,
I just got thru helping one of my neighbors kids with a project ,changing out a 1970 chevelle, transmission that had crapped out, from the non-functional automatic too a manual thans he always wanted in the car,and we did ita few months ago and we found the muncie we used and most of the parts by looking on the local bargain trader and craigs list and we got results by placing an add asking for people to call if they had any OLDER NON-RUNNING GM CARS THAT HAD V8 engines OR MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS FOR SALE IN ANY CONDITION"
yeah you obviously get a bunch of total trash, you look at, and guys that think everything they own is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars even if its a pile of mold and rust, but you also get some amazing bargains at times, like a rusted out, 1966 chevelle, with a bent frame , and missing fender and hood,with 4 broken muncie 4 speed transmissions in the trunk, we got, it, if we would haul it away for FREE, the parts were 90% junk but we managed to assemble one good transmission for the cost of new transmission bearings , and hours of parts cleaning and careful inspection.and a side plate and a new reverse gear. the 396 short block in the car was total trash and had a crack in the block, but I still managed to salvage a few minor components like motor accessory bracket mounts that years of grease had effectively protected from rust.
if your in this hobby you NEED a truck and a car trailer, and a winch, at times WE got scrap metal prices for the rusted out car that covered the gas to drag it to the salvage yard and cost to repair the transmission.

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