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links to mounts, adapters etc.

PostPosted: March 1st, 2009, 8:50 am
by grumpyvette
sooner or later most guys think about engine swaps, sticking a BBC or an , LS1,LS2, LS7 in their corvette, cobra kit car,nova, or chevelle, etc. seems like a good IDEA.
in many cases its a simple deal that's been done many times and the info s available if you research it, in others its fairly rare, (like sticking a Buick turbo V6 in a corvette),you may need accessory mount brackets, engine or transmission mounts or adapters, custom headers or you may need to fabricate components for less popular swaps but almost anything in engines or transmissions can be adapted, (it may not be ideal, but it generally can be done if you can fabricate and have the tools and skills)
one little trick Ive used is to mock up motor mounts with plexi-glass and glue, too check angles. and clearances , simply because its cheap, and you can cut, grind and drill it very easily and see thru it to mark bolt holes ETC.
once youve got the model correct you duplicate it in 1/4" steel. anouther advantage is if your not skilled at welding you can hand the plex-glass model over at your local machine shop and just say "duplicate this in steel please"


BTW heres some sources for parts and info :thumbsup: ... adapt1.htm ... apter=7628 ... mounts.pdf

a welder and a chop saw can be very useful,as is a plazma cutter, but before you go welding up components,
when doing prototypes on components like motor mounts building a test fit /clearance checker model for plexi-glass and glue can give you a good deal of info a lot faster than welding it up out of 3/8" plate cut to fit, theres not a lot thats more frustrating than fabricating some component like motor mounts that look great only to find out the headers or fuel pump,suspension etc. won,t clear

the ability to fabricate a custom accessory mounting bracket to get the required clearance to mount some performance parts, like tall valve covers various performance intake manifolds, or headers, is one of the skills most of us are forced to learn early in this hobby, you'll hardly be the first guy to mount an alternator in a non-stock location to clean up an engine bay or make adjusting valves far less time consuming, or difficult.
youll learn early that you either resign yourself to be VERY limited too whats available over the counter, that fits your particular application without modifying anything or open a huge new world by thinking thru your options and learning to modify and fabricate anything you need to custom fit your needs,

if some component won,t fit where you want it too, why not fabricate a new alternator bracket, power steering bracket or move ,that accessory to relocate the alternator or other accessory to either a new location or swing it out of the way and add a longer fan belt to swing it further out and use the taller valve covers,to clear, those headers, or oil filter or brake booster or steering linkage, you already own?
maybe its just because I own several welders and a MILLING MACHINE, and a drill press and refuse to let minor interference issues on brackets dictate what and where I mount accessories but if I owned a set of cast tall valve covers I would sure just fabricate a new alternator mounting bracket
IF you don,t have the tools perhaps a friend does?
honestly I don,t see how anyone stays in this hobby without a decent welder and at least a drill press.