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if you carry concealed?

PostPosted: February 17th, 2011, 7:08 am
by grumpyvette
how many guys carry a spare magazine or a speed loader with extra ammo?
now obviously your choice of weapon will have some effect on this as a 5 -6 shot revolver has a good deal less shots than a auto with a 15-18 shot magazine, but it comes down to how much ammo do you feel comfortable carrying with you, and how do you think you'll be forced to respond to a threat where your lifes on the line!
and the potential threat levels, you might be expected to face?.
obviously only hits on any opponent count, so only an idiot blazes away at random, wasting ammo, and potentially hitting un-intended targets..
any sane person would tend to avoid any confrontation that required firing a firearm to get out of, if they knew in advance that was going to occur, and few people would select a hand gun, as their primary defensive weapon, if they knew they would be forced to fight for there lives,and had time to grab something more effective like a shotgun or assault rifle, and body armor.
but carrying concealed has limitations so how much fire power or ammo do you feel comfortable with?
what caliber? and do you feel confident that what you carry is sufficient?
BTW just a bit of info, the FBI says that most self defense shooting involve less than 5 shots fired, obviously that's an average so its not saying you won,t occasionally need more,in a confrontation, but most people that carry don,t EVER get into shoot outs , so if you carry only a loaded 357 mag revolver or a glock with a 15 shot mag, and several spare mags, its not statistically going to make a great deal of difference, especially if you can hit your target, if circumstances force you to fight, if most gunfights end in less than 5 shots.

Ive always carried a spare magazine, and my S&W 10mm carries 10 shot capacity, my GLOCK 10mm carries a 15 shot capacity but I carry a 10mm because I feel its got a one good center mass hit, 1 shot stop capability, but that being said Id think one of the most helpless feelings imaginable has got to be,your having fired your last cartridge in a life and death gunfight, and you still have not stopped the threat
Ive found that ammo makes a huge difference in a glock 20 accuracy
Ive also found the better aftermarket 6" barrels DO aid accuracy, and BLUE DOT powder and a 180 grain seem to be a sweet combo in my pistol



Re: if you carry concealed?

PostPosted: February 17th, 2011, 3:33 pm
by grumpyvette
this discussion reminds me of a conversation I heard 30 plus years ago between two cops about a gun fight that two other cops had been involved in.
seems both cops were called to stop a bank robbery in progress and as they pulled up the robber started firing at them putting a few rounds into the squad car, both cops bailed and took cover behind the car without getting shot and the robber did like wise , the younger cop had a 9mm auto (39 smith I think) and he fired almost constantly at the robbers location, after emptying several mags there was a pause as he got a few remaining mags from the trunk, hearing the gunfire slack the robber started to run and fire as he changed locations, the older cop fired a single 357 mag round from his revolver,dropping the robber with a shattered leg.
after the scene was secured the investigator asked the older cop why it was that his partner had had the time to fire 20 plus shots , reloading 3 magazines and he had only fired once, to which he replied, "I only had a target ONCE"

Re: if you carry concealed?

PostPosted: February 17th, 2011, 3:56 pm
by DorianL

I'll be in the market for a handgun soon. I was considering S&W 40.


It seems a good compromise. Just wondering about cost and availability of the cartridge... In Belgium. I typically fire 50 rounds ever other weekend.

Re: if you carry concealed?

PostPosted: February 17th, 2011, 7:13 pm
by grumpyvette
"I typically fire 50 rounds ever other weekend."

are you allowed to reload ammo?
do you have any interest in doing so?
I have zero idea what ammo costs over there but if your willing to cast bullets and reload ammo you can save a huge percentage of the cost, of that ammo.
40 S&W costs between $18-$24 a box of 50 in most locations around here
you could easily reload cast bullets for under 10 cents a round or 1/3-1/4 the price, which very quickly pays for the equipment required ... er&Source=

Re: if you carry concealed?

PostPosted: February 18th, 2011, 3:05 am
by DorianL
I've got a buddy of mine that reloads. I should ask him. Somehow, I think that over here you probably need some sort of license to reload and that it ain't that straight forward to get...

Re: if you carry concealed?

PostPosted: January 13th, 2013, 6:52 am
by rlphvac
Extra mags & an extra gun :D

Re: if you carry concealed?

PostPosted: March 29th, 2013, 9:08 am
by grumpyvette

Originally Posted By :grumpyvette
I generally carry a glock 20 in 10mm with one spare magazine, now its true that the standard mag holds I think its 14-15 cartridges, so in theory that one mag one would assume would be sufficient.
but having a complete spare loaded mag can be advantageous.
a short example might help.
one of my good friends is a SWAT cop, in a recent drug lab bust the criminal types were taken by surprise, and not a shot was fired, but as one drug guy was being hand cuffed he spun around while still in cuffs and kicked at the officers next to my friends groin, the officer dodged but in the process his glock 17 went flying and hit the pavement, the end cap retaining the spring and cartridges ejected out of the gun leaving the now useless mag body still seated, in the pistol.
my friend helped control the situation then picked up the dropped glock 17 and simply swapped in a new magazine.
now that might have been a darn rare event, but crap does happen, mags come out, get damaged or lost and having a spare mag got the gun functional in seconds.
consider what condition you would be in without a spare magazine, under similar conditions.

Originally Posted By: DocRocket

Nonetheless, I believe carrying one full reload for your carry piece is sensible. If you're carrying an autoloader, you know that the weakest link in the system is the magazine. Magazines never fail when it doesn't matter. But they sure as hell DO fail when it's important. I've had half a dozen mags puke on me in pistol matches over the years, all shapes, all sizes. If you get a malfunction in the heat of action, it's way easier to strip out the mag, clear the malf, and jam in another mag and carry on the fight than it is to get out our flashlight and reading glasses and ask the bad guy to just wait a second while you figure out your problem.

Clint Smith , told a story (I forgot whether it was himself or a student) that had responded to a call, got out of his patrol car, drew his handgun and had the base plate, spring, follower and 7 rounds fall out of the gun. Apparently the seat belt snagged the grip of the handgun and caught the lip of the base plate while exiting the car. Almost too weird to believe, but stuff happens. I'm far more likely to believe that I'd need a reload due to equipment failure rather than to a tactical demand.