why is it that theres so many scammers out there?

why is it that theres so many scammers out there?

Postby grumpyvette » March 3rd, 2015, 1:04 pm

I have been driving by a couple, large hand painted signs for weeks, on the roads leading into the area I live,
that say in large clear print on 1/2 sheet of plywood signs,

clean fill $30 a load!
well I could use a few dump truck loads of fill around the shop in lower areas, to smooth the area surfaces and make the slope from the shop to the pond more gradual but consistent.
to speed up and better control drainage and the run-off from hard rains,the floor of the shops about 8 feet higher than the pond water level as I had the pad it sits on built to what was intended to be 6-7 feet higher than the surrounding area.
but its slope from the shop walls not a absolutely smooth area,like I want it to be.
yeah its hard too judge in these old pictures taken as the shop was being built, about 9 years ago now, but its on a very obvious raised pad. the shop doors are over 8 feet tall so the size is deceiving and this was one of the very rare times I have $180 in this months budget, for shop improvements... one of the few things I did right when I was young (20) was to buy 5 acres out in the boondocks too build a house on when I retired, that 5 acres cost me more than the house I lived in for 45 years even back then, but of course now its far more expensive
so knowing #1 fill has cost me $80-$90 a load in the past and even #2 fill which is usually filled with grapefruit size rocks and mixed consistency dirt is usually $70-$75 a load I call, figuring they must have some large construction project that they need to get rid of some fill from. and the $30 covers the fuel cost.
well the gal on the phone says the $30 load is the silt, sand ,clay mix they use to filter sludge at the water filter s from the water treatment plant, and If I don,t want that, it will cost me $45 for #2 sand and rock,... so I agree to the slight up charge, too get what I need as its still a bargain, at $45 a load, she tells me I'm scheduled for the next day and for 4 truck loads and to have cash on hand,...... OK $45 x 4=$180 , probably plus taxes I'm fine with that......they never show up the next day......the following day a dump truck shows up, carrying the $30 load is the silt, sand ,clay mix they use to filter sludge at the water filter s from the water treatment plant but the truck loads covered with a tarp and I don,t know that until hes in the process of dumping in my yard, luckily Id picked the first location where it won,t matter,as that craps which is NOT ideal for anything other than to fill in lower level areas that you intend to use too grow grass.
and asked me were on the property to dump it. after I see what hes dumping I tell the guy who speaks very little English, that the next 3 loads must be what I contracted for I.E. sand & rock...he agrees but just to be sure I call the office and verify the change, they assure me they will get it correct.....an hour later the same driver carrying the same crap from the same place shows up, I look over the load before he dumps and tell him I won,t except that as its not what I contracted for and I call the office, they apologize, but now insist the price for what I want for the next three loads is $120 a load , I just tell them Ill pay for the one load they dumped already,take this load back, and cancel the rest, as its obvious they won,t provide good clean fill at the price advertized so much for the $30 a load bargain, fill

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Re: why is it that theres so many scammers out there?

Postby 87vette81big » March 3rd, 2015, 4:16 pm

Its because of the Luberals and that Muslum POTUS BAM BAM .
Get rich off of others is what they do Grumpy.
If they dropped dead Ok with me.

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